Mexico Mission Trip 2016

Mexico Mission Trip 2016

2017 Mexico Mission Trip

Northside Christian Church and Cedar Ridge Christian Church are going again to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico to build homes for families there.  

What did you do last spring break?  Can you even remember?  This year do something that you'll NEVER FORGET!  Nothing changes us faster than cross-cultural mission trips- NOTHING! The joy of handing key to a locking door to a family that has never had four stable walls, much less a locking door, might be one of the highlights of your whole life.  For students and adults, this trip helps us put things in perspective, become grateful for what we have, develop compassion for others around us and deepens our own relationship with God.  This trip is a BIG DEAL!

Here are some details:

  • Dates: March 11-18
  • Cost: $425 (if registered by Feb. 12; $450 after that) (fireworks money can be used!)
  • Living Arrangements: We will be staying in two churches during our travel to Mexico. Upon arriving, we will camp in the AMOR compound. During our return trip, we will stop once at a hotel.

Important Date:

  • February 12 – Price-saver registration date

How To Register:

  • Fill out online registration form
  • Fill out online NCC release form
  • Fill out paper Cedar Ridge release form (included in packet)
  • Fill out paper Amor Individual Mission Trip Participation Form (included in packet)

Download Mexico Mission Trip packet for info like:

  • Itinerary
  • Packing list
  • Other notes

Mexico Mission Trip Packet Download

NCC Release (online) Form here